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Prof. Tami Katzir

Prof. Tami Katzir

Current Status
Senior Lecturer

Research Interests
My research interests focus on two related areas in reading development and reading breakdown. The first: what is the brain basis of reading fluency and how it effects reading comprehension in different populations of reading? The second: What are the different cognitive and linguistic factors that predict reading comprehension.

Current Projects
Cognitive Fluency and Reading comprehension. In this project we are examining the effects of text display on children’s judgments and reading comprehension.
The cognitive and linguistic factors predicting reading comprehension.
An fMRI investigation of the role of morphology and phonology in Hebrew dyslexic and non impaired readers.
The plasticity of reading development. In this project we are examining individuals who have developed reading despite going through a hemispherectomy and living with only half of their brains.
With Dr. Shelley Shaul and Dr. Orly Lipka started to pilot an intervention program, "OR". The "Or" program is designated to promote foundational literacy, cognition and emotion skills to first grade children. This study is funded by the KIPP School and the University of Haifa.
A standardized reading comprehension test. Research team: Prof. Michal Shany, Prof. Tami Katzir, Dr. Anat Prior, Dr. Orly Lipka, Ms. Shira Bleicher: No standardized test currently exists for reading comprehension in Israeli schools, and as such, the Laboratory sees the development of such a test a prime goal for the whole Israeli educational system. 2014-2015 will be dedicated to advancement of the tool.