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Prof. Michal Shany

Prof. Michal Shany

Current Status
Senior Lecturer (Specialist), Deptartment of Learning Disabilities, Dept. of Advanced and Continuing Studies

Research Interests
Social and emotional aspects among learning disabled children and adults; subgroups of learning disabilities, vocabulary acquisition and intervention programs in low-class populations and different ethnic groups.

Current Projects
Dr. Shelley Shaul and Prof. Michal Shany are conducting a large project in the Neurocognitive Laboratory for Early Childhood: Prevention and Intervention of Learning Disabilities, examining the contribution of executive functions to early literacy skills as well as studying Executive Function as a predictor of early reading, writing and mathematical abilities. Data is currently being analyzed.
Also in the Neurocognitive Laboratory for Early Childhood, Dr. Shaul and Prof. Shany are planning a large scale early literacy study which will follow children from kindergarten to Grade 2 and willbe looking at the different types of learning disabilities, as well as examining early literacy skills among Arabic speaking kindergarten children.
A new computer-based assessment test for learning disabilities in the Arabic-
The test has been developed and piloted. It will be implemented as part of the assessment process starting in September 2014. This is a tool designed to assess the placement of Arabic-speaking students into the appropriate level of RAP training. 
Implementing a standardized test for language, reading and writing disabilities among Arabic-speaking children in grades 1-6. Research Team: Dr. Ibrahim Assadi and Prof. Michal Shany: Following the development of this test, the implementation project will start at the beginning of the coming academic year.
A standardized reading comprehension test. Research team: Prof. Michal Shany, Prof. Tami Katzir, Dr. Anat Prior, Dr. Orly Lipka, Ms. Shira Bleicher: No standardized test currently exists for reading comprehension in Israeli schools, and as such, the Laboratory sees the development of such a test a prime goal for the whole Israeli educational system. 2014-2015 will be dedicated to advancement of the tool.

The First Standardized Evaluation to Diagnose Learning Disabilities in the Arabic Language (in Hebrew):