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Dr. Baha Makhoul

Dr. Baha Makhoul
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Current Status

Research Interests
Since Arabic, as a language, considered being complicated, my main field of interest is reading and writing acquisition in Arabic, especially among children at linguistic-social risk and those have difficulties and disabilities .also, I am interested in the educational aspects of reading and writing acquisition in Arabic. I believe that an early intervention which is based on research that takes in account all the complicated features of Arabic and the diglossic situation will make a change in the current system and on children’s achievements. My doctorate and post doctorate started a long way of investigating these features and their impact on reading and writing acquisition. On the basis of research field, Development of intervention and learning programs besides assessment units for various ages is occurring. 
By the end, I am interested in Acquisition of Arabic language as a second language, and how its special features affect the acquisition.

Current Projects
Collaboration in two research works for Szold Institute:
Research for assessment of a linguistic project as a cultural bridge – “Ya Salam” learning program for 5th – 6thgrades.
Assessment research for preschool children in the project: “One Partnership”
Research budgeted by MOFET Institute- A study of reading and writing process considering the interactive model in elementary school- a cross sectional study.
Developing “Alarabia Logotna” Program for elemantary school – a unique program developed by the researcher and cet Arabic team (Center for Educational Technology).
Research budgeted by Oranim Academic College- A study of Reading comprehension in Arabic in elementary school- a cross sectional study
Developing interactive web-based activities (OFEK) for elemantry school at CET.
Developing special folders for elementary school teachers in in order to improve the process of teaching lingual education.
Developing the project “reading together” at the Hebrew University which is based on the researcher’s doctorate.

PhD Thesis title
Acquisition of Reading Skills in Arabic in the Framework of Structured Tutorship