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Dr. Janina Kahn-Horwitz

Dr. Janina Kahn-Horwitz


Current Status
Teaching Fellow (Amit Hora'a)

Research Interests
First language and additional language predictors of English as a foreign language (EFL) and literacy, EFL spelling development, cross-linguistic impact of linguistic and orthographic L1 characteristics on EFL literacy, individual differences between learners regarding foreign language and literacy, intervention programs for EFL students, EFL teacher knowledge of English orthographic conventions

Current Projects
  • Kahn-Horwitz, J. Assessing and creating a foundation of knowledge of the English orthography amongst pre- and in-service EFL teachers.
  • Kahn-Horwitz, J., Schwartz, M., & Habag, S. English Literacy Acquisition amongst Circassian Students: Challenges or Benefits
  • Russak, S. & Kahn-Horwitz, J. Trajectories in spelling development: Comparisons between good and poor EFL spellers.
  • Saba, M. & Kahn-Horwitz, J. Predicting English foreign language reading achievement amongst L1 Arabic high school students
  • Schwartz, M., Kahn-Horwitz, J. & Share, D. L. Exploring the self-teaching hypothesis in bilingual and tri-lingual contexts.

Year Degree and Name of the Institution
2001 Ph.D. Foreign Language Literacy Acquisition, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa.
1994 M.A, Faculty of Education, Reading and Reading Disabilities, University of Haifa (Award for Excellence).
1983 B.A. Sociology, Philosophy and Political Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Interview with Noga Shavit-Raz from The Elementary School Journal in Israel on cross-linguistic impact on EFL literacy acquisition (Journal of Histadrut Hamorim: Shiur Hofshi), 22-23