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Radio Interview (Kol Yisrael in Arabic) with Prof. Raphiq Ibrahim on the subject of: Memory and Forgetfulness in an Electronic Environment

The phenomenon of forgetting is natural for humans and it is not age-related. The influence of the electronic environment and the use of advanced electronic instruments on the memory process raises the question of whether forgetting is a blessing or a curse. And What are the reasons for forgetting? And what is the neural basis for different kinds of forgetting that are involved in the process of reading books as opposed to surfing the internet? How can we improve our memory? All these and other interesting subjects are the subject of the interview, in Arabic, of Prof. Raphiq Ibrahim by Galia Natur-Kadur . 

To read the complete interview on the Al-Arab site (in Arabic): http://www.alarab.net/Article/606337.

To hear the complete interview (in Arabic):