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Literacy in context - ​Prof. José Morais

September 13th, 2016 - 13:00 at Room 272, Faculty of Education Building, University of Haifa

José Morais (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)

Most literate people, especially highly literate ones, are unaware of the fact that illiterates and low literates are the majority of the world population. This lack of awareness is in large part due to their (our) social segregation. Moreover, cognitive and neurocognitive psycholinguists tend to study the literate’s mind as if it were representative of the human mind.

Given these biases, the first part of my talk will be dedicated to the present situation of (il)literacy in the world, to an analysis of the enormous gaps in capacity between the literate and the illiterate mind, while distinguishing the illiterate living in an illiterate or literate society, and to what we may suppose to be the potential cognitive plasticity available in the illiterate adult.

The second part will be dedicated to the relations between literacy and democracy, and, taking into account the present economic and political context, to what we, literacy-makers, may do, and to some speculations about the future of literacy.