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Learning Disabilities Colloquium 2014 - Brain Computer Interface - Dr. Shai Marcu

Dr. Shai Marcu, an expert in neurology, child development and children's sleep, was this year's Learning Disabilities Colloquium first speaker. Dr. Marcu stated that today, we are all to some extent living within an entire computerized environment, both welcome and forced. Among us there are those who can produce great meaning from a quality, comfortable and good interface between the computer and existing and desirable brain activities . Existing and potential methods and attempts of assessment and treatment, to provide an answer to neurological difficulties, are many. Among the existing methods, Neuro Feedback is an interesting field that shows great promise and is experiencing rapid growth, and it is worthwhile to know and understand. At the meeting, the field of brain-computer interface and its current extensive advancement was discussed as was how to harness this technology to assess and treat both children and adults alike.