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The Numerical Neurocognitive Research Laboratory

Head: Dr. Orly Rubinsten

Dr. Orly Rubinsten's and her team's research:
Dr. Rubinsten and her team use a neuro-cognitive approach to study developmental disorders. In particular, by using Event-Related potentials (ERP) methodology and experimental tasks adopted from cognitive psychology, she and her team investigate specific cognitive processes and their failure in developmental dyscalculia. Current research in Dr. Rubinsten's lab is focusing on ordinality, estimation, working memory and inhibition. They are interested in the normal development of these critical aspects of cognitive function, their efficiency in various neuro-developmental disorders (developmental dyscalculia, ADHD, reading disorder), and their sensitivity to emotion and more specifically to math anxiety. Their research on numerical cognition emphasizes the idea that numerical cognition is not a single mechanism, but is instead functions within diverse neurocognitive subsystems in different conditions.
The team aims to continue and investigate the underlying cognitive causes of developmental dyscalculia and other associate neuro-developmental disorders and to link them to behavioral symptoms as well as to brain systems. They aspire to make this research relevant to the education of people with developmental disorders.

Dr. Rubinsten is supervising 6 Master's students and 4 Doctoral students (in conjunction with Prof. Avi Karni).

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