Reading Acceleration Program (RAP)


The Reading Acceleration Program (RAP) is an innovative, interactive, individualized computerized platform and web application for improving reading-fluency and reading-comprehension skills. RAP is a personalized training program that can be run on any flash player supported browser. RAP was developed at the Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities at the University of Haifa, Israel, based on extensive scientific research conducted by Prof. Zvia Breznitz and her colleagues from different universities and research centers worldwide.

Reading fluency and comprehension is a key achievement in language learning. It is also a key to not only academic achievement but to fitting in and succeeding in today's world. Until now, most language learning systems have focused on learning to communicate - but mastering reading required different skills. Thus, while language learners may achieve basic to moderate conversation skills, they often fail to achieve comparable reading capabilities.

Many people around the world, who show a medium and even a high command of speaking a second or foreign language (English as a foreign language, for example), but are considerably challenged when it comes to reading fluency and comprehension. 

In addition, many people who are fluent speakers of their mother tongue face considerable challenges in reading fluency and comprehension their own language. These difficulties may due to various factors such as learning difficulties or lack of opportunity to acquire knowledge.

The Product:

After being scientifically researched and tested over the last decade, RAP utilizes sophisticated algorithms to determine the individual’s normal reading rate and then presents texts in an accelerated mode. As the text is being read, it begins to disappear at a rate that matches the user's current normal reading speed. As the reading skills improve, the erasure speed is adjusted to meet the new demands. This method has been proven to provide a challenging yet efficient reading experience which gradually pushes the individual to improved reading capabilities, resulting in significantly increased reading efficiency that endures after the training has been completed.

RAP is personalized. This means that the training is constantly being adapted to meet the needs of each and every user, every time that user logs on RAP continuously self-adjusts to the users' preferences, changing strengths and weakness, and current needs and abilities.

RAP is web-based. Training can take place anywhere, anytime and on-the-go. It is based on silent (i.e. natural) reading, so that instructor, mediator or teacher presence is optional but not mandatory. RAP has been shown to improve the users' performance not only relative to him/herself but relative to other groups or references.

RAP's accelerated (training) mode, has demonstrated an improvement of up to five times the user's initial reading speed and comprehension improvement of 20% compared to the individual's initial assessment. Improvements can been seen after only a few days of training with the program and depending on the individual, a dramatic improvement can be achieved after 3 weeks. Scientific research has shown that these improvements remain even six months after the completion of the training program.

RAP is currently available in English, Arabic and Finnish and can be customized for any other language.

How the Reading Acceleration Program Works?

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